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On the Rocks prides itself on its bourbon selection.

Our partnership with hand-selected top licensed retailers enables you to buy a variety of the best bourbon and whiskey from top brands like Eagle Rare, Angle’s Envy, Blanton’s, Weller, Buffalo Trace, Pappy Van Winkle’s, Makers Marks, Woodford’s Reserve at discounted prices. 

Anywhere from a novice to expert

On the Rocks welcomes all bourbon lovers. If you know what you want, we will point you in the right direction. If you are not quite sure, we will walk you through the process and find out what your palette is and see if you want something with a traditional bourbon full flavor, or if you prefer something on the lighter side.

This is where our tasting option comes into play – whether you are shopping for yourself or for a gift. On the Rocks is the place to be. We bring in new bourbon products nearly every week.

The Bourbon Club

This is an exclusive club with limited access. The goal behind the On the Rocks Bourbon Club is to invite members in throughout the year to help do ‘store picks’. Club members will try out four or five different types of bourbon and help decide which one will be featured at On the Rocks. The manufacturer then makes an entire barrel specifically for us, which then has our label on it – created for and by On the Rocks.

Being a member of the On the Rocks Bourbon Club also gives you preferred notifications when select, rare bourbon items arrive – offering it to club members before offering to the general public!
Fill Out The Form Below to submit your request to join the On the Rocks Bourbon Club.

Current Bourbon & Whiskey Brand Selection

Bulleit, Clyde Mays, Remus, Noble Oak, Elijah Craig, Woodford Reserve, Sagamore Spirit, Blue Note, Jack Daniels, Oak & Eden, Middle West, Noah’s Mill, Rowan’s Creek, Basil Hayden’s, Yellow Rose, Breaker, Legent, 1792, Jefferson’s, Amador, Old Elk, TX, Wyoming, Yellowstone, Daviess County, Pickney Bend, Masterson, Whistlepig, Crown Royal, Sexton, Redbreast, Jameson, Teeling, Busker, Suntory, Nikka, Kamiki, Shinobu, Umiki, Belle Meade, Rough Rider, Stranahan’s, Hirsch, Boone & Crockett Club, Oilfire, Bradshaw, Cutwater, Breckenridge, Huling Station, New Riff, Rabbit Hole, Calumet, Knob Creek, Minor Case, Fireball, Old Forester, Wild Turkey, Templeton, 2Bar, Russell’s Mashbuild, Samuel Berton, Widow Jane, High West, Maker’s Mark, Union Horse, Handy & Schiller, Jim Beam, Larceny, Giant Texas, Fistful of Bourbon, American Born, Jesse James, Evan Williams, Rebel Yell, Rittenhouse, Four Roses, Redemption, Tin Cup, Dr. McGillicuddy’s. Revel Stoke, Uncle Nearest, Nelson’s Tennessee, BSB, Fighting Cock, Spring Hill, Henry McKenna, Balcone’s, American Barrels, Bib & Tucker, Sqrrl, Sheep Dog, Skrewball, Seagram’s, Pendleton, Pike Creek, Irish Mist, Black Velvet, Paddy’s, West Cork, Proper Twelve, Tullamore Dew, Hell-Cat Maggie, 2Gingers, Red Bush, Bushmills, Canadian Club, Windsor, R&R, Canadian Mist, Select Club, Ole Smoky, Bird Dog, Slow & Low, Old Grand-dad, David Nicholson, Old Crow, Ten High, Kentucky Tavern, Mellow Bourbon, Southern Comfort, Ezra Brooks, McCormick

*Brand availability may vary based on stock